We caught up with wildlife photographer and NPS member Des Ong to find out how he's been getting on with the new AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm F/2.8E FL ED VR lens.

How did you get in to photography and what led you to specialise in wildlife?

Growing up by the edge of a tropical rainforest, I was fascinated with the diverse natural history it offered. I may have grown up and moved to the UK, but even then with my office based job, I still found myself working with tropical animals. When I was writing articles about the tropical coral reproductions in captivity for magazines, I struggled to find any supporting photos, so that spurred me to start producing my own materials. Realising very quickly how little I know about image making, I enrolled in a local college. With the subsequent knowledge acquired, I began exploring other wild subjects. Now I spend my days outdoors capturing the natural beauty of the creatures that fascinate me whilst expressing my artistic aspirations.

Tell us a little about your photography

Like many, I started with what I would call wildlife portraits - essentially framed-filled images of wildlife. But overtime I began to appreciate a much wider view. I feel that by including more habitats or surroundings, the images tell a more complete story. I still do portraits, but I try to capture an aspect of their character or behaviour in these close-ups. My other, more personal work is usually slightly abstract. The subjects are still wildlife, just captured in a less conventional or recognizable way.

How long have you been shooting on Nikon?

I have been shooting with Nikon DSLR exclusively since 2005, so that would be around 12 years now.

Why do you continue to choose Nikon as a brand?

As a professional, I seek solid products that can help me execute the task reliably and produce quality results. It may sound simple but the type of conditions in which I operate and the subject matter often allows little room for error. For over a decade, Nikon equipment has helped me achieve my goals. Lastly and perhaps not so immediately obvious, is the support and services that I receive from Nikon UK, especially NPS.

What is it you like about the new 70-200mm FL lens?

The speed and accuracy of the autofocus is pretty astounding. Whatever the lighting condition, it just snaps into focus. It may be the fastest I have ever used.

Will this lens enable you to do more with your photography and if so, what will it bring?

There are three qualities that make this lens very special: versatility, sharpness and autofocus. The ultra fast autofocus will undoubtedly help me achieve a much higher successful hit rate. Nailing wildlife images at high speed has always been a big challenge and this lens makes capturing these difficult, and often unrepeatable moments much easier.

For more information visit www.desong.co.uk/