Check out what Nikon Ambassador and Game of Thrones Stills Photographer has in her kit bag for a standard day on set.....

1. Aquatech blimp kit bag - for silencing the camera during filming and also providing some protection from the elements… and swords!

2. Tool kit. Includes lots of spares, batteries, screws, cables - basically everything you may need when you're stuck up a mountain miles from anything.

3. "Apple box" for getting a bit of height / angle, or having a rest… and crew ID. Essentials for set.

4. My trusty trolley. All terrain stills vehicle that saves my back when I need to get kit from A to B across streams, rivers of blood or rocky beaches… on top is the Environment bag, which varies from day to day. Could be waders and rain hats for rivers and lakes, could be hard hats and high vis for quarries, or could be thermal snow suits and glacier boots for arctic conditions… or maybe just a sun hat and some factor 50+...

5. Bits and Bobs bag. Tape, a million memory cards, chargers, card readers, cleaning paraphenalia.

6. The essentials :

2 x D3 (one inside aquatech housing)
2 x Df (one inside aquatech housing)
1 x D800
1 x 14-24mm F/2.8 AFS
2 x 24-70 f/2.8 G (one inside aquatech housing)
1 x 35mm F/1.4 G
1 x 50mm F/1.4 D
1 x 50mm F/1.4 G
1 x 85mm F/1.4 D
1 X 85MM F/1.4 G
1 x 105mm F/2.8 VR MICRO
1 x 70-200mm F/2.8 VR

7. Laptop for the big edit while on set using Lightroom & Photoshop

8. Essential EVERY day in Ireland. Warm jumper and Rain coat / trousers… even in summer.

9. Personal bag including stationery, scripts, schedules, teabags and lovely snacks for long days.

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