Lens on life: Silvia Bifaro and ClerkenwellBoy capture food waste on camera | Nikon


The most engaging photos tell a story – they take us on new journeys and allow us to explore undiscovered paths. #Lensonlife is a project that brings different worlds together by celebrating unique perspectives. We recently looked at the topic of the wealth gap, partnering with Lele and Phemina, also known as La Petite Touche (“the small touch” in French), who captured former refugee turned media entrepreneur Anna Nooshin on the streets of Paris.

This time, we’ve partnered with Silvia and ClerkenwellBoy, who created the most delicious recipes with everyday ingredients proving that the leftovers in your fridge still have a use. They met at Silvia’s home studio in London, where they cooked five dishes, discussed food waste and how #Lensonlife inspires them to push beyond the beautiful images.

Inspire others to be more mindful when it comes to food

ClerkenwellBoy explains “Because food is readily available at a decent price, wasting it might not seem a big deal. If it doesn’t look good, then we don’t buy it. If it doesn’t taste good, we just toss it. Many of us buy more food than we need, and as a result containers easily migrate to the back of the refrigerator to be forgotten until it is time to throw away the rotten food.”

“Silvia and I were challenged to use everyday ingredients to reduce food waste for Nikon’s #Lensonlife project, an initiative that brings together different perspectives on social issues like food waste. It's amazing to see what can happen when you bring together unique points of view on the topics that matter most to us. Everyone has their own perspective on important subjects such as food waste. It’s when you mix them that you get some wonderful and interesting results! Aligning food photography with a purpose close to my heart hopefully inspires a change in people. Working with Silvia, who has her own unique style of photography, we were able to create beautiful images that encouraged people to think about how they can use ingredients before throwing them away.

Silvia elaborates, "The way we were raised, the culture we grew up in, the relationship we had with our parents and siblings and the types of music, books and movies we were exposed to, all played a part in forming our perception. Sometimes our perception changes by the people we meet, in this case ClerkenwellBoy inspired me to be more mindful when it comes to food.

It certainly didn't occur to me that the rotting leftovers in the back of the fridge indirectly have a big impact on the environment. By throwing away half a lasagna, half of the emissions that resulted from producing and processing, packaging, shipping, storing, and cooking the food are also wasted. I’ve learnt that reducing food waste is one of the most important things we can do to reverse global warming.

So, for #Lensonlife ClerkenwellBoy and I have created waste free recipes and a list of tips that will hopefully inspire you to reduce your food waste and our carbon footprint."

Equipment used

For this project, Silvia shot with the Nikon D850, the AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G.

“Capturing the beauty of the ingredients and the flat lays is so easy with the D850 and its tilt screen - even when I held the camera above my head applying the lightest touch! The LCD touchscreen allowed me to see the exact image I wanted and capture it by just tapping on the focus point of choice. A dream come true for someone that always prefers free-hand photography. I also love using the 50mm lens with it. It is the perfect lens for my home studio, especially when the sun disappears. “

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