What inspired you to take on this project?

I was looking for a project that would fit around my commercial work, something physically small that wouldn't take up too much space in my studio and something that I could dip in and out of between jobs. I'd been interested in macro for some time and had been shooting various types or fauna, but my son brought me over an insect he found in the garden and we looked at it under his microscope. I then decided to photograph it for him and that's where it all began. I was fascinated by the beauty and complexity of these creatures, so from that point forward there was no turning back. It was insects all the way from there.

What equipment do you use to produce these images?

I use a Nikon D800E, various Nikon 200mm primes and tube lenses (some vintage, some new), x4 and x10 Nikon Plan Flour microscope objectives. This is the basic kit, all the other elements involved I've adapted from standard scientific, technical and engineering equipment found online.

Tell us more about the exhibition…

The exhibition will be on at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History between 27th May - 30th October. Many of the prints will be printed 3x2m and each image will have the real insect displayed in a glass cabinet so the viewer can look at the actual specimen and then its 3m portrait. There will also be an interactive touchscreen display showing pages similar to the website where visitors can play around with the full resolution image. In total I will be showing 24 images, all of which which will be available in an exhibition catalogue. Prints are available to purchase at www.levonbissprints.com.

For more information visit www.levonbiss.com/