When the new PC NIKKOR 19mm F/4E lens was launched, Architecture & Property Photographer Simon Winson was one of the first to get his hands on it. Here he gives us a quick rundown of his first impressions....

How did you get in to photography and what led you to specialise in architecture/interioirs?

I started my passion for photography when I did a badge in the scouts, so it's been a life-long passion. I sort of fell in to architecture and property photography as Berkeley were my best client and they offered me an in house post.

How long have you been shooting on Nikon?

I have alway shot with Nikon - my first decent camera was a Nikon FG!

What is it you like about the new 19mm PC-E lens? Will this lens enable you to do more with your photography and if so, what will it bring?

The new 19mm is a game changer as it allows me to shoot with much more control of my verticals and focus also the ability to stitch images is fantastic The new lens lets me have a higher view point in my interior shoots and keeps vertical lines straight. Already it is my go to lens!

For more information visit www.simonwinson.co.uk/